Best of Season 2 of Orphan Black



A little scene set after my fic Amor Vincit Omnia

Rating: M

Birthday fic for Steph! You get amor fic bby because it’s all I can write decently atm hahaa andd you said about wanting to see this happen so I finished it for you :) I hope you like it my lovee <3


~~ For Steph ~~

Happy birthday baby I love youu sooo much <3

Anonymous asked: Happy birthday

Thank you :)

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Anonymous asked: Heey, happy birthday!!!! Have a great day :D

Thank youuu!!

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Anonymous asked: Happy birthday!!

Thank youuu :D

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andbasicallyyourejustarabbit asked: Hi Steph. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and if you'd like a little ficlet (although after Emma's spoiling what else is left?) drop me a prompt and I'll write something for you! *hugs* Sam

Thank you, Sam!!! ♥

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