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i accepted and i nominate trinketsabernathy, effieabernathy, and ayymitchh to do the same! ;)


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It’s quite a stretch. Effie Trinket, rebel.

I like the fact that Ruth is a civil servant and not a detective. And yet she is working within that detective world. She understands what the families and the other people left behind are going through when somebody is missing. Ruth is more hands on dealing with them, which is something Sean has no capacity for. But she is learning on her feet and very quickly finds herself slightly wrong-footed because it’s a different world. She doesn’t quite know how to behave and there are certain lines she cannot cross. Ruth doesn’t step into this world lightly. But at the same time there is a slight naivety to her because she’s never been exposed to what the police see in terms of the horrors out there.” - Alex Kingston (x)


These are public displays of HIGH TREASON and anyone found defacing government property will be put to death immediately.


The cruellest thing I’ve ever witnessed on Bake Off. Bloody Diana!

countdown to twd: 52 days - episode 04x05

- You’re a tough son of a bitch.
- I am.

'What you are going to be, Melody, is very, very brave’.

that she will keep returning always and evermore


Summary: Five times the Doctor says goodbye to River Song and one time he says hello.

Rating: T

A/N: Spoilers for 8x01. Written quickly so I’m sorry for any major mistakes. Story title from Into My Arms by Nick Cave

t h e m e